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he brigades on tristique kers at work.” the English▓ centre was, for a br ief space, broke. When t▓he French ut erat pressing in, i

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alry attack ●began at 4 p.m.on the right centre.The fiercen●ess of the attack had lulled for ●a while; there had been no effort of a ser▓ious nature again



st the right during ●the second phase.The cannonade continued ther▓e, as it did equally on the left after● D’Erlon fell back. But now ther▓e was to



be a change in the met▓hod of attack, and Milhaud’s Cuirassi●ers, forty squadrons strong, crossing from the▓ right, advanced into the ga●p between La Hay



e Sainte and Hougomont,—a ●frontage of about 1000 yards only●,—to attack in lines of columns the Brit▓ish and other regiments oppo●sed to them, which



threw themselve●s into squares.Thrice Milhaud ●attempted to break them, and, failing●, was driven back by the British cavalry to re-▓form.Then, at 5 p



.m., those who were▓ left, together with Kellermann and Guyot, ●seventy-seven fresh squadrons in all, made the s●ame desperate effort.But by six o’cloc?/p>




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坘 this too had failed.The ground ▓was strewn with the bodies of hors▓es, lancers, cuirassiers, carbiniers, chas

seur▓s, horse grenadiers, hussars▓, light and heavy dragoons, ●and the mighty mass of224 hors●emen was practically destroyed, and that mainly ▓by infantry and artillery fire. Now the P●russian army was fully en évidence.As ear▓ly as 4.30, Bülow’s corp●s from Wavre had reached the field, and had so h●otly engaged the French that Lobau’s corps a▓nd the cavalry division of Subervie and Daumont ▓had been detached to oppose him; and by six o

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’c●lock they had to be reinforced, fro●m Napoleon’s last reserve, by eight batt●alions of the Guard, or one-third its total st●rength, when Blucher had developed● on, and in rear of, the Fre▓nch right flank, 29,000 infantry and 64 guns.Th▓e second attack on the centre by ▓Ney occurred between five and six.It● was mainly directed on La Ha


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ye Sa▓inte, which was carried after▓ desperate fighting, and the poor remnants● of the King’s German Legion, who had fough●t magnificently until they were sho●rt of ammunition, were almost annihilate●d.Hougomont and the whole of t●he right centre had meanwhile ●been again assaulted, though without result; b▓ut when La Haye Sainte fell,


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  • fell back to re-form, La H
  • aye Saint●e, the real key
  • of the position, was rein
  • ▓forced, but only by two comp


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f the Charleroi road, espe●cially those of Ompteda

and Ki▓elmansegge.Between Halkett’s brigade o▓n the

west of the Charleroi road, an●d Kempt’s on the right,

there wa▓s a great gap.So dire had been the slau▓ghter, that at on

e time the duke, po●inting to a mass of killed and wou●nded men of the 28th and 73rd▓, asked wh

s than 300 strong▓.The French cav
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